Friday, July 18, 2014

How would you wear your red Luichiny Me Chelle stiletto heels?

How would you wear your red Luichiny Me Chelle stiletto heels?

I started this look with a black skirt after looking at some other outfits created for the red Luichiny Me Chelle stiletto heels. I figured the perfect choice would be a black flared shirt with black and white striped top and a black fitted blazer. After trying a couple of red blazers with a black and white striped tank top I came across a black cropped jacket and decided to try that instead. I can't quite remember how I ended up changing the top. I think I was looking for a bag with silver hardware because the necklace I'd selected was on a silver chain and I didn't like the idea of mixing a necklace with a silver chain with bag with gold hardware. That still doesn't explain how I ended up changing the top; but I guess it doesn't matter. I came across the Ostwald Helgason Stripe Structured Blouse and decided to use that instead. It worked okay with the black skirt but I thought it would work even better to find a skirt in blush rose, tangerine, pink or white. The Boohoo Nadine Neon Scuba Skort isn't really a skirt but I thought it went perfectly with the top. I don't know if you would wear heels with a skort; but this looks like a pretty cute outfit to me.
$70 via
Me Chelle - Red 8
Me Chelle - Red 8
The Me Chelle will be your secret weapon to creating the perfect outfit. This Luichiny style models after the classic pump construction but with a tall 6 inch heel and hidden 2 inch platform. Last but not least is a red synthetic leather cloaking the entire silhouette

Ostwald Helgason pink striped top

Boohoo neon skirt

Fendi leather pouch

Chanel handcrafted jewelry
$800 -

$185 -

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